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Buying e cigarettes can often be complex and confusing, even for experienced "vapers" (electronic cigarette users), but for buyers new to them it can be an even more daunting experience! We understand this and that's why we've written this easy to understand buyers guide here at best e cigarette uk.

What They Are?

E cigarettes are electronic devices that emit a smokeless vapour that you breath in. The practice of "smoking" one of these devices is called "vaping". Many ex smokers have used e cigarettes as a substitute for smoking and then given up smoking altogether. A basic electronic cigarette consists of a battery, an atomiser and a tank. The battery is what powers the atomiser. Larger batteries give better performance which means more vapour and longer usage time. The atomiser is a small electric coil that vaporises the liquid when needed. The tank contains your liquid - called e-liquid or e-juice. Obviously bigger tanks contain more e-liquid and therefore will last longer.

How To Buy The Best E cigarette UK

Buying e-cigarettes can be confusing but it doesn't have to be. There are only 3 basic types to choose from - the cig-a-like - the ego - and the personal vaporiser. Which one you choose depends on:
1. How heavy a smoker you are now
2. Your budget

The Cig-A-Like or "Mini"

cig a like If you are an occasional, or light smoker, or want to try electronic cigarettes very cheaply then the "mini" devices are probably a good bet to start with. Sometimes these are referred to as "cig-a-likes" because they look like a real cigarette. They consist of a cartomiser attached to a battery. The cartomiser contains the e-liquid and atomiser in one unit and most are disposable. Before we go any further you need to know that because these devices are small, they aren't very powerful meaning you don't normally get a lot of vapour "throat hit" into your mouth and the battery can run out quickly, typically half a day of average smoking. If that doesn't bother you then they are an excellent, inexpensive introduction to vaping. Prolonged use though can work out expensive because the cartomisers often need to be replaced when empty.

The Ego or "Vape Pen"

Ego Vape Pen These are the most popular type of e cigarette in use in the UK and offer the most options for the user. The battery and e-liquid tank are much larger which means it will last longer between recharges and refills. The extra battery power also allows for a stronger tasting vapour so ideal for medium to heavy smokers who need a bigger throat hit. There are many different flavours and strengths of e-liquid available to refill the ego type e cigarette which has helped it to become the biggest selling type in the world. They consist of a refillable e-liquid tank, separate atomiser and a rechargeable battery. These parts are attached together using screw threads. Their popularity is due to the low running costs compared to the cartomiser type mentioned above and the fact that there are literally hundreds of different flavours of e-liquid available. Beginners often opt for a starter kit as it contains everything you need including charger and spare battery etc. Parts from different manufacturers are interchangeable with each other meaning the user can customise their vape pen to their desired taste. One small caveat however - the threads must match. Threads come in different sizes such as a 501 style or 808 style for example. As long as they match they will be compatible.

The Personal Vaporiser

Personal Vaporiser The third type is the personal vaporiser or "mod". These devices are quite large, sometimes resembling a small torch and most have an LCD screen. This type of e-cigarette is for heavy smokers and/or advanced users because the high power of these units means they can create a heavy cloud of vapour giving the user the best 'throat hit". These devices are also equipped with variable voltage which means the strength of the vapour can be adjusted. Recently there has been some overlap between this type and the vape pen. Jac Vapour, a British company, have brought out a hybrid device called the VV which is a variable voltage type of vape pen. Although not as powerful as a personal vaporiser it still offers more power than a traditional ego vape pen at a low price.



E liquid E-liquid or e-juice as it's also known can be a mixture of PG (Propylene glycol), VG (Vegetable glycerine), nicotine (although there are nicotine free options), and flavouring. Nicotine strengths are typically 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, 18mg, or 24mg. Light smokers may prefer 6 or 11mg while heavier smokers may prefer a 24mg nicotine content. E-juice quality varies a great deal so it's a good idea to source yours from a company who manufactures theirs in the UK and has had it tested by a UK laboratory.

Children & e-liquid
Young children have been known to drink e-liquid. This is a serious issue as the nicotine is poisonous when swallowed. Always keep your electronic cigarette and e-liquid out of their reach.

Are E cigarettes Safe?

(The following is based on my research only please take medical advice for further information) E-cigarettes are still relatively new so long term health effects are still unknown. A lot of tests have been done but have proved inconclusive. Users have, however, reported increased energy and better breathing when using these devices instead of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. It's well documented that traditional cigarettes contain up to 4000 lethal toxins together with highly destructive tar. Up until now (2015) there has been no evidence of any toxins in e-cigarettes. Nicotine is highly addictive whether it is ingested through smoke or vapour. Users must monitor their own nicotine intake levels and perhaps plan to decrease nicotine intake over time. E-liquids are available containing different levels of nicotine making it easy to do this.

Charging Safety

There have been quite a few reports recently in the news of e-cigarettes exploding. In one case it exploded when in the user's mouth causing serious injury. These explosions are usually due to overcharging of the battery. When charging your e-cig battery you should only use the charger supplied with your device. It's also a good idea to turn your charger off as soon as the battery has charged. The better, newer e-cigs from reputable brands like JacVapour have safety chargers and vented batteries which should prevent any overcharging problems.

Hopefully this article has helped explain the main points to look for when buying the best e cigarette UK. If you are ready to buy we wholeheartedly recommend the British JacVapour company. Head on over and look at their e cigarette starter kits. Be sure to check out their many reviews and don't forget to use our exclusive discount code ECIGUK for 15% off. Happy vaping :)

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